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  • Golden Altar of Candelaria Temple

    Golden Altar of Candelaria Temple

    Location:  Calle 64 between Calles 65 and 67, Merida Templo de la Candelaria was built in 1706.  Its terra cotta colored facade opens to an awe inspiring golden altar.  I do not know who they were trying to impress but 300 years later it is still absolutely stunning and effective because they completely impressed me.  […]

  • San Juan Neighborhood

    San Juan Neighborhood

    Arch Location: Across Calle 64 near Calle 69-A Church and Monuments Location:  Faces Calle 64 and forms one block with Calles 64, 67A, 62, 69A The San Juan neighborhood is one of the original neighborhoods of Merida’s upper class.  The facades are painted solid in colors and have long, smooth stucco fronts with many elaborate […]

  • Ermita de Santa Isabel Neighborhood

    Ermita de Santa Isabel Neighborhood

    Location:  On the corner of Calles 66 and 77A, Merida Iglesia de Ermita de Santa Isabel, or Ermita de Santa Isabel Church, was built in 1748 by Gaspar González de Ledezma.  Formerly known as the Church of the Lady Good Trip; it was thought to provide travelers with a good end to their painful journey. […]

  • San Sebastian Neighborhood

    San Sebastian Neighborhood

    Church Location: Corner of Calles 72 and 75 Park Location: Corner of Calles 72 and 77, Merida  The San Sebastian neighborhood is filled with working class tiny cube houses.  A door and a single window are all that graces their small facades because it is all that will fit.  Their style and differentiation is achieved […]

  • Santiago Neighborhood

    Santiago Neighborhood

    Location: On Calle 59 between Calles 70 and 72, Merida After stopping at the Santiago Mercado we continued our walk through the beautiful Santiago neighborhood.  We passed by the brilliantly maintained Iglesia de Santiago, built in 1637, and rested for a few minutes in Parque de Santiago.   Close to the church a group of women […]

  • Church of the Third Order

    Location: On corner of Calle 60 and Calle 59, next to Parque de la Madre, Merida A beautiful church Iglesia de la Tercera Orden, Church of the Third Order, is located right next door to the Parque de la Madre.  Elaborate and beautiful the church was built in 1620 by the Jesuits, who did not take […]

  • Merida’s 500 Year Old El Centro

    Location:  Block formed by Calles 60, 61, 62, 63 The Plaza Grande, or zocalo, is the main hub of the city and has been for almost 500 years.  The plaza was designated the Plaza de la Independencia in 1821.   The zocalo (plaza) takes up an entire city block and is formed by Calles 60, 61, […]

  • Iglesia de Chichimilá

    We ventured into the unknown, leaving the familiar terrain we had traveled many times. With only so many hours of daylight and not knowing the conditions of the roads nor the frequency of  or where the bothersome topes would pop up, which half seem to be placed in the middle of nowhere with no rhyme […]

  • Route of the Churches

    ROADS AND DRIVING As you leave Valladolid, on nicer roads then any in Michigan, the scenery changes, no longer are you in a bustling city but now dense lowland scrub vegetation coats the flat land ahead. The first time my mother came to this part of Mexico she told me she saw why I was so […]

  • Iglesia de San Servacio

    Iglesia de San Servacio has been a beautiful fixture across from the central plaza’s southern side since 1706. It was ordered built by order of Bishop Don Pedro de los Reyes to replace the 1545 church that had been destroyed in 1705.  Still today it has a 19th century clock tower which houses the only public clock in the city.  The church is […]