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Santiago Neighborhood

Location: On Calle 59 between Calles 70 and 72, Merida

After stopping at the Santiago Mercado we continued our walk through the beautiful Santiago neighborhood. 

We passed by the brilliantly maintained Iglesia de Santiago, built in 1637, and rested for a few minutes in Parque de Santiago.   Close to the church a group of women were just starting to prepare for, what appeared to be, a wedding.  One woman, decorating a portable banquet table that sat between the church and the park, barked orders to people carrying boxes of flowers.  Everyone seemed to have a known assigned task which they were efficiently executing.  

This park was the busiest of all the parks, except el centro, we had been to in Merida.  People packed the benches surrounding the water fountain, enjoying the cool shade on a hot day.  I took my pictures quickly and got out of the way to allow them to assemble someone couple’s special day.


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