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Ermita de Santa Isabel Neighborhood

Location:  On the corner of Calles 66 and 77A, Merida

Iglesia de Ermita de Santa Isabel, or Ermita de Santa Isabel Church, was built in 1748 by Gaspar González de Ledezma.  Formerly known as the Church of the Lady Good Trip; it was thought to provide travelers with a good end to their painful journey.

To my novice eyes, it seems to have two chapels.  A large somewhat plain one, it looks as though it was built for the masses, if you will, and a smaller more decorated one.  The two share a beautifully gated, immaculately kept front courtyard, complete with a cross shaped hedge.  The courtyard looks onto the gardens next door.  A huge municipal botanical garden complete with artificial ponds and waterfalls, sits next door. 

The large chapel nave boasts a traditional Spanish Colonial high ceiling with huge wood beams spanning its width, there are smaller beams running the depth of the church that create a fancy eye-catching pattern on the ceiling.  Above the altar a simple crucifix sits above a small arched window that holds a naturally illuminated Virgen, a Virgin Mary.  A skylight above the altar beams a small light on the wall in the sanctuary just above the North transept. The transepts themselves are closed off to the public’s eyes. The interior’s simple color and decoration definitely leaves the churches impact to be made with its exterior.


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