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San Sebastian Neighborhood

Church Location: Corner of Calles 72 and 75

Park Location: Corner of Calles 72 and 77, Merida 

The San Sebastian neighborhood is filled with working class tiny cube houses.  A door and a single window are all that graces their small facades because it is all that will fit.  Their style and differentiation is achieved through paint colors and patterns, making them quite interesting to see; bright colors, strips, diamonds and some that look almost like tiles.

San Sebastian Park, Parque de San Sebastian, is beautifully shaded and has a working fountain.  The park sits in front of the Templo de San Sebastian.  It is well maintained and offers free Wi-Fi, as do most of Merida’s parks.  While we sat relaxing, a young woman, of Korean decent, and her toddler son walked around the fountain over and over again, she would give chase and he would giggle hysterically as he ran from her, sure did bring a smile to my face.

Templo de San Sebastian, or “Nuestra Señora de San Sebastian”, built in 1889 has beautiful stain glassed windows.  Its façade, simple and plain, needs painting but despite that it is a beautiful church.  


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