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Category: Texas

  • Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas

    My hotel was located directly next door to the Oakwood Cemetery, Austin’s oldest cemetery, which quite frankly I was thrilled about. I spent much time in there and in fact got bite by a cat (which later caused an infection). This huge cemetery has a huge variety of “stars” and types of markers and monuments. […]

  • Bat Colony, Congress Street Bridge, Austin, Texas

    The bat colony that resides in the Congress Street Bridge downtown Austin emerge nightly. The colony consists of over 1.5 million Freetail Bats; mpst are mothers and their newly born pups. By the end of the night the colony will have eaten 10,000-30,000 pounds of bugs (yes in a single night!) and while I was […]

  • Maya Meetings & Hieroglyphs Workshop 2011, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas

    The week started with a Beginners Hieroglyphs Workshop with Dr. Bruce Love. I learned so much from him, he broke down the calendar and glyphs to an easy to understand language of meaningful symbols. Then the speakers at the symposium were amazing, especially my idol Dr. David Stuart. Dr. Anthony F. Avenni due to his […]

  • The Governor’s Mansion and the Texas State Capital, Austin, Texas

    This beautiful building is easily seen from many places throughout downtown Austin. It has a huge ground that is green and lush in the middle of downtown. It is a must see, even if you do not go inside. If you approach from the northern entrance, as I did, you will see a spectacular sunken […]

  • Doubletree Hotel University Area, Austin, Texas

    The room was very nice and spacious. It was clean and the hotel staff was very friendly. There is a Denny’s right next door with a wonderful staff and group of regulars that make you feel like you are a local. Plus the oldest cemetery in Austin is next door – so bonus for this […]