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Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas

My hotel was located directly next door to the Oakwood Cemetery, Austin’s oldest cemetery, which quite frankly I was thrilled about. I spent much time in there and in fact got bite by a cat (which later caused an infection). This huge cemetery has a huge variety of “stars” and types of markers and monuments. The place is wonderful; gated family sections, raised platforms thirty feet by thirty, statues fifty feet high and quiet, just beautiful very peaceful.

There is an abundance of angels and they are georgous and some are intimidating too. Others sit by the side to watch over.

There are a variety of shapes, sizes and styles of grave markers (for lack of a better term). I took a few shots of the more unique or beautiful graves.

There were some unusual (or what I am not used to seeing) a headstone for a dog, one for a 112 year old man and several written in arabic.

Another interesting trend I noticed was that many buried earlier in the Republic of Texas stated that they “Immigrated to Texas”.

Susanna W. Dickinson, the only survivor of the Alamo, is buried here.

There are many soldiers and war heroes buried in Oakwood. Republic of Texas Soldiers who fought during the U.S. – Mexican War, Civil War and Spanish American War Veterans.


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