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The Governor’s Mansion and the Texas State Capital, Austin, Texas

This beautiful building is easily seen from many places throughout downtown Austin. It has a huge ground that is green and lush in the middle of downtown. It is a must see, even if you do not go inside.
If you approach from the northern entrance, as I did, you will see a spectacular sunken section of the Capitol Building that sit’s a hundred feet in front of the Governor’s Mansion.

There is also a Peace Officer’s Memorial on this side of the building

Once inside the dome is spectacular and almost glows. The detail is amazing and some is only visible, from the first floor, through my telescoping lens on my camera.

Apon exiting, at the southern end of the complex, there were several statues; one was even alive. The alive statue was a black woman Tea Party member protesting at the foot of the steps of the Governor’s Mansion dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

The southern facade is equally impressive, yet has a completely different ambience. The northside stern and stately looks like a government building, the southside looks more like a University library or residence hall.


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