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Tag: Texas

  • Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas

    My hotel was located directly next door to the Oakwood Cemetery, Austin’s oldest cemetery, which quite frankly I was thrilled about. I spent much time in there and in fact got bite by a cat (which later caused an infection). This huge cemetery has a huge variety of “stars” and types of markers and monuments. […]

  • Bat Colony, Congress Street Bridge, Austin, Texas

    The bat colony that resides in the Congress Street Bridge downtown Austin emerge nightly. The colony consists of over 1.5 million Freetail Bats; mpst are mothers and their newly born pups. By the end of the night the colony will have eaten 10,000-30,000 pounds of bugs (yes in a single night!) and while I was […]

  • Doubletree Hotel University Area, Austin, Texas

    The room was very nice and spacious. It was clean and the hotel staff was very friendly. There is a Denny’s right next door with a wonderful staff and group of regulars that make you feel like you are a local. Plus the oldest cemetery in Austin is next door – so bonus for this […]