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Tulum Archaeological Zone

Always a favorite of ours.  It is a must stop, even if only to swim – so make sure to bring a bathing suit so you can cool off after walking through the ruins.   This post classic site (1200-1500 AD) is mesmerizing with its survival on the coast,  where hurricanes are common.  

Allow time to swim and see the site itself, as it is also one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever have the opportunity to swim.

Bring a couple of bottled waters with you, you will need them; it is hot.  Waters cost $2.50 within the park and are only sold at the front entrance, no drinks or food are sold within the ruins themselves or on the ruin’s beach, so make sure to bring or buy what you need at the entrance. 

There are quite a few gift shops, markets and restaurants at the front entrance.   Most items you will be able to find elsewhere for drastically cheaper.  If this is one of your only opportunities to get souvenirs remember to barter and shop around because there are quite a few shops at the front entrance. 

Watch out for people offering cheap or free admission, tours or car rentals in the parking lot and throughout the front entrance area; they are often timeshare agents.  If you want a good deal and are willing to spend 4 hours of a vacation day at a timeshare pitch then step up, if that sounds horrible avoid them.

Zona Arqueologica de Tulum
Entrance: $57 pesos per person 
Hours 8:00-17:00, last entrance at 16:30

Sunday’s admission is free for national’s (try to avoid at all costs, we did not and it was packed!  It took over 20 minutes in line to just to buy entrance)

Parking was an additional $50 pesos.



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