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Cenote Zaci

The Cenote Zaci is centrally located in el centro.  A large freshwater sinkhole in the limestone crust of the area allows the, in this case dark navy blue almost black water to fill forming a natural fresh water pool.  Along its edge sets a grotto and staircase that allows easy access.  Having arrived late in the day, time did not permit swimming.  Quite frankly if it did allow I wouldn’t have…having swam in the crystal clear turquoise cenotes of Zacil Ha and AkTun Chen and the brilliant indigo waters of Ik Kil might have unenticing to jump into the dark “abiss”.  Definitely worth a visit to see it – it takes 5 minutes to walk there and 5 more to see it. 

Since we arrived so late I could not bear to pay the $20 pesos apiece to go in for 10 minutes literally, so we went next door.  The restaurant next door has an excellent view of the cenote, for free with meal or drink; this is where my pictures were taken from.  Inside the paid cenote area there is also a store and access to the grotto to swim in the cenote.

Address: Calle 36 esq 39 y 37, Colonial Centro, Valladolid, Yucatàn, Mexico

Entrance fees: $20 pesos/person
Hours: ? – 17:00
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