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  • Cenote Zaci

    The Cenote Zaci is centrally located in el centro.  A large freshwater sinkhole in the limestone crust of the area allows the, in this case dark navy blue almost black water to fill forming a natural fresh water pool.  Along its edge sets a grotto and staircase that allows easy access.  Having arrived late in […]

  • Aktun Chen Underground Cave & Cenote, Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    Aktun Chen was Leroy and my first tour in Mexico.  It was offered free through El Dorado Royale Resort (now called El Dorado Seaside).  We walked through the underground cavern. On this trip we decided to take A snorkeling, since we had never snorkeled a cenote either.  What a wonderful snorkel!  We shared the cenote […]