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Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin is an amazing place, a huge variety of buildings and green spaces. It is not to busy for the pedestrian, most park and walk. The cityscape is quite interesting and easily navigated by foot.

There was a couple of cool buildings that had to be looked at seperately. One was a modern, just finishing construction, mirror quadrangle design. When you approach from afar you think it is a brown brick building (what it was reflecting). This was easy to assume because the building it was reflecting differed so greatly from the front (blonde brick) to the side of the building (brown brick). This allowed it to blend right into its surroundings and not stick out like a sore thumb. Once there you see its actual structure and design and its amazing. The shape modern and clean then toss in the point that it is a huge cantileaver is astounding. This was definately one of the coolest buildings I’ve ever seen

I spotted several churches along my way, some I got some good shots of.

Austin still has its original lighting system, some of the Moonlight Towers still exist. They were pretty much street lights operating using moonlight.

There were several other photo worthy buildings that I tried to capture.

Finally around the city, and next door to my hotel, there are these rental cars scattered called Car2Go. This is an amazing concept. The cars are locked about the city available for rent instantly without human interaction. You simply go online, prepay, get a card, waive card/receipt in front of window monitor and car unlocks and you drive off.


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