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  • Señor and Laguna Azul de Señor

    It had been a long day seeing the main attractions of Felipe Carrillo Puerto and we were excited to cool off in the highly anticipated Laguna Azul de Señor.  We saw several signs on MX295 counting the kilometers until our destination and that which it held.  Hot, tired and ready to get out of the […]

  • Hotel Aura Elena

    While doing my research for the trip, I found that only two cities along the route had hotels: Josè Marìa Morelos and Felipe Carrillo Puerto.  Felipe Carrillo Puerto was too far to make it in one day and still sightsee along the way; Josè Marìa Morelos was the only option.  For some strange reason. this was fine with […]

  • The Town of Tihosuco

    Iglesia de Divino Niño creates a picturesque setting the instant you enter Tihosuco.  This small town is far from holding ‘city’ status, its 10 blocks by 10 blocks at most.   The city is fashioned with early 19thcentury structures; some with damage still from the Caste War of 1847, like it was yesterday.    Iglesia de […]

  • Route of the Churches

    ROADS AND DRIVING As you leave Valladolid, on nicer roads then any in Michigan, the scenery changes, no longer are you in a bustling city but now dense lowland scrub vegetation coats the flat land ahead. The first time my mother came to this part of Mexico she told me she saw why I was so […]

  • Aktun Chen Underground Cave & Cenote, Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    Aktun Chen was Leroy and my first tour in Mexico.  It was offered free through El Dorado Royale Resort (now called El Dorado Seaside).  We walked through the underground cavern. On this trip we decided to take A snorkeling, since we had never snorkeled a cenote either.  What a wonderful snorkel!  We shared the cenote […]

  • Swimming with the Sea Turtles in Akumal Bay, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    We got to go swimming with the sea turtles and even caught them on video!