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Restaurant El Cangrejito

ADRESS:  Calle 57 between Calle 64 and Calle 66, Merida
HOURS: 9:00-17:00
PRICE: $15-16mxn a taco
I had saw Restaurant El Cangrejito, “The Little Crab”, was rated as one of the best taco stands in Merida on Yucatan Living during my research prior to our trip.  I was very excited to try the seafood tacos especially since it was only going to be a block from our hotel, Ko’ox Art 57 Boutique Hotel.  

A day before we left I printed my TripAdvisor list of places I wanted to visit and I noticed that it said “*NEW ADDRESS” under El Cangrejito’s name, what I wondered?  The new address listed put it all the way on the other side of town, I was so disappointed as there would be no chance of us getting there.

On our last full day in Merida, on one of our many tromps between our hotel Ko’ox Art 57 and el centro, Leroy happened to look up and notice the red awning, just beyond a home who had planted trees in the middle of the sidewalk, making it hard to transverse the sidewalk. “Babe isn’t this that place you wanted to try but moved?”  Yes, yes it was!

The door was open and we wandered in.  Inside there were four or five white plastic tables, each surrounded by four red Coca Cola chairs.  One table in the corner was covered in dulces, sweets, for sale.   We later noticed that there was a much larger seating area in the room behind the one we were in.  Between the two rooms, a glass cooler case sat proudly showing off the day’s offerings; shrimp ceviche, bacalao (a codfish stew with olives and tomatoes), fish and a variety of other dishes. They only use what is caught that day, so what you see is what you get.  Costing $15-16MXN per taco they were a great deal.  Another man stood behind the glass case, ready to dispense your requested plate of tacos. 

We got three each, starting with a variety to find our favorite.  The shrimp was phenomenal and a quick favorite, I got another one and Leroy got two more.  We each also had a beer.  The tacos and restaurant itself were a delightful surprise; they far exceeded our expectations.  I wish we would have noticed it sooner we would have gone every day we were in town.

While there, Leroy asked if they had opened another location.  Our waiter said they had not, Leroy then explained why he had asked while showing him the printout from Trip Advisor.   The waiter was clearly upset by this and asked if he could borrow the printed paper for a minute, “of course” we replied.  Quickly he took it in the back to show someone; he emerged frazzled, thanked us, returned the paper and disappeared into the back again.  .

Hopefully they were able to get it straightened out.  We left completely satisfied, stuffed and barely able to walk we were so full.  We definitely will be regulars on our return trips to Merida; honestly this was one of the best shrimp tacos I have ever had. 

ADRESS:  Calle 57 between Calle 64 and Calle 66, Merida
HOURS:  9:00-17:00

PRICE:  $10-16MXN


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