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Serenata Yucateca

Location:  Santa Lucia Park, Calle 55 between Calles 60 and 62 (closer to Calle 60 than 62)
Weekly Day: Thursday
Time: 21:00
Cost: Free

Serenata Yucateca (Yucatecan Serenade) is a weekly free event at Santa Lucia Park on Thursday nights at 21:00.  We went early, around 20:30, to get good seats.  Good thing we did despite the shows late start, starting closer to 22:00 than 21:00, because just before 21:00 tons of people came pouring in looking for seating.  They had tons; rows of chair seating close to the stage and bleacher seating further back, we sat in the bleachers, at the top, so I could photograph without obstructing anyone else’s view.

Young girls, of Mayan descent, made their rounds through the waiting spectators attempting to sell the wares they carried with them: shawls, sarongs, wraps, shirts, skirts, bracelets and a variety of other goods.  A couple of men came through selling carved rosewood fans; one was hilarious with the routine he did to get your attention and sell you his sweet smelling fans, his gimmick worked well while simultaneously putting a smile on your face. 

The band finally took their places on stage and waited along with everyone else for the show to begin.  Finally, the announcer made his way to the stage.  After coming out almost an hour late he proceeded to do a 20 minute introduction and 15 minute introductions with each change in performers. “He liked to hear himself talk” as my grandmother would say. The first band was great, an old Mexican crooner style group.

Then the jarana dancers came out wearing traditional their regalia.  The women wore ternas, three layered heavily embroidered and edged in lace huipil dresses, and the men wore guayaberas, white cotton tailored shirts and slacks.  They performed the Vaqueria Yucateca and Las Charolas.  

Las Charolas is a dance where they spin drink trays with drinks on them on their heads while dancing.  I am absolutely fascinated by this and I will have to investigate the origins of this stunning dance.

The second band was a more modern and jazzy Caribbean band, it was very good also.

Finally the kids performed.  If anyone knows what group they are will you please let me know?  They put their hearts and souls into their performance that night and it was great.  I loved seeing them perform!


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