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Los Trompos Restaurant

Location:  Corner of Calle 59 and Calle 60, Merida, by Hidalgo Park
Hours: 18:00-24:00

Upon entering Los Trompos Restaurant you are quick to notice its modernity.  It is definitely a chain restaurant, like a Mexican Applebee or Chili’s.  It was packed when we arrived, so we took the only table available next to the cashier’s station. Obviously, this was a popular spot in town for the locals to come, especially with larger groups as there were tons of larger groups and families on the night we dined.  

Our waiter was a young petite man.  He was okay as a server, most of our help came from a taller, heavyset, older waiter who was working the tables next to us.    The food was okay, as were the drinks. I guess for $28MXN a mixed drink they were pretty good.  Los Trompos offer a variety of food options: tacos, alambras, tortas, pizzas, salads and more.  We opted for tacos, trying a variety: carne asado, pastor, poc-chuc and pollo, all were $19MXN a piece.

Would we return?  Yes, not only for the drinks but it is an affordable night option with a variety of food types.  That variety is probably why it is so popular with the local families – there are a lot of choices to satisfy different tastes.


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