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CerveFrió Licolería San Sebastián

Location:  Calle 75 #555 between Calles 70 and 72, across from San Sebastián Church, Merida
Hours: 10:00-22:00

CerveFrió Licolería San Sebastián is across from the San Sebastián Church.  A nice young lady was working when we went in.  She answered all of our questions with a huge smile and gladly posed for a photograph.  For its small size it had an okay selection with pretty good prices. 

We bought some Xtabentún, a liquor made in the Yucatan from anise seed and fermented honey that reminds me of Nyquil.  I think a little sip of it is great on a cold Michigan winter night, helps warm you up.   Never hesitate to stop in these little places; they offer snacks, water, sodas, cold beer, cheap liquor, cigarettes and some even have ice (hielo).


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