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Tacos “El Guero” Comida Corrida

We were hungry by the time the flight had landed. By the time we got through customs, got transported to the rental car agency, picked up our rental car, found a bank to exchange money, got gas and stopped at a 7-11 for a drink we were starving. 

We were searching for the closest, fastest non-pizza food, we could find.  Then we saw it; a small restaurant Tacos “El Guero”, on the west side of MX 307 next to a Proconstruye, a construction material supply store.  Their sign offered comida corrida for $50MXN per person, we pulled in and parked.   

A group of four gentlemen sat drinking tall glasses of agua frescas as a young woman cleared their empty plates.  As we approached, ascending the three steps to the outdoor seating area (the only place to sit), the young woman greeted us.  Leroy asked her our options; one was ribs with potatoes, the other we could not decipher the name.  The older woman, possibly the young woman’s mother, came and waved her hand, signaling us to follow her to the kitchen. 
The kitchen took up the entire interior space; housing a refrigerator, counter tops, shelves and an island.  The room was no larger than a 12 foot by 12 foot space.  The island ran directly down the middle of the small room and atop it sat the days offerings; soups, rice, beans, two main course dishes – one the ribs, the other a local specialty.  She removed the lid of each, showed and offered each to us, we stated yes or no and she moved on to the next dish.  We went and sat back down. 

The daughter brought our drinks; we had correctly chosen piña, fresh pineapple juice, from the large selection of agua frescas (piña, horchata, Jamaica, etc) that were included as options in the meal price.  Then she brought our sopa, a yummy tomato based soup with noodles, and a varieties of salsas.  When we were done the daughter brought each of our plates with the ribs and potatoes, beans, rice and a stack of fresh warm tortillas.  Everything was amazing; flavorful, tender and plentiful, it could not have come at a better time.  

We cleared our plates and emptied our glasses, it was delicious and we were full and happy.  Leroy requested the check; the younger one brought it along with a handful of mints, which I of course got all of since Leroy isn’t a fan.  Leroy left $140MXN for the $100MXN bill and off we went full, happy and ready to transverse the peninsula


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