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Taqueria Viki

We left Valladolid on Valentine’s Day, which they do not celebrate or at least it was not made very public if they did or perhaps it was foreshadowed by Carnival.   On our way out on MX295, following the route of the churches, just at the edge of Valladolid we discovered a divine roadside stand, Taqueria Viky.  

The place was immaculately clean (with the women constantly cleaning behind themselves), friendly service and cheap delicious food.  Try a panucho, a Mayan style tostado (for ease of describing) that the inside of the tostado shell is filled with beans before it is deep fried, yummy.  We bought 2 quesadillas, 4 tacos, 6 panuchos and 4 glass bottle cokes for $12 USD.  All was to die for and this will be a normal stop from now on.


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