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Gabriel Iglesias – Fluffy Tour, Saginaw, Michigan

Adrienna wanted to go see Fluffy when he was at the Soaring Eagle Casino but unfortunately we were unable to go. When we saw he was coming to Saginaw’s Dow Event Center would had to go. We got pretty good sits and the show was hilarious!

Fluffy had a new introduction video that was pretty funny.

The famous (from Gabriel’s comedy bits) Martin was the host and was funny. First he introduced Shaun Latham.

Then Martin introduced Rick Gutierrez who also hilarious. At the beginning he talks about how he feels about driving around Saginaw, Michigan

Then Alfred Robles put on an incredible show

Noe Gonzalez, only 5’2″ put on a great show.

Before the main event the show came to its “commercial portion” according to Martin who describes their items for sale at the flea market in the lobby after the show.

Finally they had a fattest audience member contest to win a t-shirt.

The main event, Gabriel Iglesias, takes the stage and is hilarious. He also loved the term “Saginasty” we had to define it for him, he actually began using it in his show that night – after laughing his butt off. I wouldn’t be suprised if he uses it in his next show or his new tv skit show. He was awesome he actually performed for an extra hour and a half because the crowd keep requesting stuff and giving full response back! You know us Michiganders we ain’t leaving til you tell us its time to go, as long as you are willing to entertain we are willing to stay. Unbelievable show – loved it and love you Fluffy!!! Unfortunately out of respect for Fluffy we did not take video of his performance (they told us we could record everything but him) but got some photos of him oh and a bobble head of him.


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