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San Gervasio Terminal Classic Period Central Plaza

San Gervasio Archaeological Site Terminal Classic period Central Plaza, Cozumel Island, Mexico The first section you hit within the site is the Terminal Classic Plaza Manitas, Grupo III which includes La Tumba and Manitas. La Tumba (or the Tomb). This structure is called this because houses a vaulted tomb that is unique to San Gervasio. The structure is a platform with no building atop it only benches and an altar. It is believed to have been used for open air ceremonies when both the priest and the congregation participated. The structure has two construction periods, the Terminal Classic (1000-1200 AD) and one during the Post Classic (1200-1650 AD).

Right next to the Tomb is the Estructura Manitas (or Little Hands Structure), named for the red colored hand prints that mark the wall. The building is comprised of two rooms in which a small temple was built in the interior at one of them. Could have been used residentially or ceremonially due to it large area. It is thought to have been “Ah Huineb”, Itza Overlord of Cozumel during the Terminal Classic period (1000-1200 AD) and the inner temple was his personal shrine. “Little Hands” has two other construction phases, both dated during the Post Classic period (1200-1650 AD).

Estructura Chichan Nah or the Small House Structure is a Post Classic (1200-1650 AD) building that sits a short distance from Plaza Manitas. This structure is more than likely a ceremonial building due to its architectural characteristics and small size, the only thing that could be done in its small interior is leave offerings. This building has a small temple in its interior. There is also a water well very close to it.

Estructuras 31 y 32, Structures 31 and 32 are a short distance up the sacbe or road from Plaza Manitas. As can see you take a right onto another ancient sacbe or road that leads directly to the middle of Structures 31 and 32.

Estructura 31, Structure 31.

Estructura 32, Structure 32.


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