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Getting to and the Basics of San Gervasio Archaeological Site on Cozumel Island, Mexico

Getting to and the Basics of the San Gervasio Archaeological Site on Cozumel Island, Mexico San Gervasio Ruins are one of several archaeological sites on the Island of Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
This site is known as the end destination of the pilgrimage for the Goddess Ixchel during the Post Classic period (1200-1650 AD) for the Yucatan Maya. Although it is most known for this it has a long history, which falls into three periods of history with corresponding Central Plazas where the Overlord lived.

The first Central Plaza is at the northernmost tip of the site and was constructed during the Classic period (600-1000 AD) and is called Murcielagos, later in the Post Classic (1200-1650 AD) the Pet Nah Structure or Round House and its round altar were constructed in this Plaza.

The second Central Plaza within the site is at the southern tip where the Plaza Manitas is, this occupation took place in the Terminal Classic period (1000-1200 AD). Plaza Manitas houses Manitas or Little Hands Structure and the Tomb both from the Terminal Classic, later in the Post Classic (1200-1650 AD) when it was no longer used as the Central Plaza the Chichan Nah and Structures 31 and 32 were added close to it but not immediately surrounding it.

The Post Classic (1200-1650 AD) Central Plaza is located between the two former Central Plazas and incorporated some of the Terminal Classic structures that were already there. This Central Plaza includes the Columns Structure, the Alamo Structure, the Murals Structure, the Palace Structure, the Ossuary Structure, Structure 25 B, the Niches Structure, its Altar Structure, and its entrance or exit the Arco which lies on Sacbe 1 which takes you to the Nohoch Nah structure, the half way point between the Classic period Central Plaza and the Post Classic period one. Also included in this plaza, even though it sits a ways away from it is the Ka’na Nah or Tall House structure. During this period San Gervasio was the end destination for the pilgrimage to the goddess Ixchel. Those coming to worship and make offerings would cross the sea and then travel along Sacbe 1 until they reached the Central Plaza, their offerings were placed in Ixchel’s Sanctuary which is Ka’na Nah.

From downtown San Miguel on Cozumel you take the street Benito Juarez until you see the archaeological sites gate and fake ancient building on the left.

You drive quite a ways before hitting the visitor center. Watch along the side of the road, as you will see in the videos below, there are stone altars or something built all along the side in different patterns its very cool.

The visitor center is located just before the actual entrance and cashier of the site. It is nice area with shops and the much needed mosquito spray (if in spring).

The site is not that large but does involve quite a bit of walking. Here is the map of the structures you can visit within the site.


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