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Tulum Archaeological Site, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tulum Ruins

One of the most beautiful sights in the world this city from 1200-1400 AD stands today against a turquoise blue backdrop that is awe inspiring – a must see! The Maya used the reef to block the force of hurricanes, giving it natural protection from mother nature allowing it to stand today.

Playa Tulum

This was a coastal city and its beaches were amazing. These are views you can only site by visiting the archaeological site of Tulum

Immediately south is the coastal town of Tulum which has many beautiful beaches, resorts, cabanas for rent, bars, restaurants and spas. There is not much on this little strip immediately south of the ruins in terms of shopping or nightlife.

Playa Maya – My favorite!!! It is the closest to the ruins outside the park, this is where all the locals go in the evening. We parked on a short street that had a police officer on it, as it was very busy, that we offered a drinkade, he happily accepted it and our rental was fine when we returned.

Playa Paraiso
This picture does not do it justice. This beach is breathtaking with thousands of palms. There are beach beds, tables, chairs and lounges scattered about this beach associated with a restaurant or resort. This is the more tourist section, located right next door to Playa Maya





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