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  • Sunset at Black Lake at Grandpa’s House During September

    Over two different weekends in September we worked and enjoyed the family at Grandpa’s house in Onaway, Michigan. I must say that September’s sunsets over Black Lake are especially breathtaking .

  • Fog on Black Lake, Onaway, Michigan

    This particular cool fall morning I could not sleep and decided to head down to the water, my home away from home, when I noticed a very strange heavy fog hanging over the water. I had never seen the lake like this and it was amazing. It rolled out on the lake off from the […]

  • Ocqueoc Falls, Presque Isle, Michigan

    Ocqueoc Falls, Presque Isle, Michigan Ocqueoc Falls is the largest waterfall that can be found in the lower peninsula. The Ocqueoc River is unique in that it is one of the few rivers in Michigan that flows south to north and has two falls with an upper and lower falls about 300 feet apart.

  • Kids Snorkeling at Black Lake

    The kids are snorkeling Black Lake, Michigan. The lake that you can see the bottom perfectly clearly while standing up. Oh and you have to walk a mile literally to get to your chest in water – so though it appears they are far out they, as you will see, are only knee deep.